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Thread: Andy McKee

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    Andy McKee

    A co-worker mentioned this guy a few weeks back, been listing to him quite a bit...

    There is a whole list of videos here:

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    I'm not much into the percussion thingy, but I sure am liking those fanned frets more & more. The tonality just sounds so sweet and well balance between the lows, mids & they're a trip getting used to. Nice vid thanks Darren
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    I'm with Kenny on this one. Very impressive playing, although I get weary of the style after a while. (Same as most other styles, though.) It'd be interesting to play one of the fanned fret guitars, though.

    Speaking of odd fret arrangements, have you heard of 17-tone guitars? Instead of the typical 12-tone chromatic scale, they use 17 tones. Still haven't wrapped my mind around that one yet, although admittedly I've not studied it much.
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    I like Andy but, I often wonder where we would have ended up without Michael?
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