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Thread: questions about jet 10-20 drum sander

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    questions about jet 10-20 drum sander

    for the first time since i've owned it (lotta time, but very little use until now), i've needed to swap out the sanding strip on the drum sander. the left side went pretty much ok, but when it came to the right side, it was, as they say, a whole 'nother smoke. hard as all get out, and needed pop's extra hands. now i know something like this shouldn't be this much fun. any opinions on what i'm doing wrong?
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    The right side being the motor side? I made a hook to hold the clamping mechanism up while I pushed the strip in. HTH, but everything is packed so I can't provide a picture. There is a formal tool for this, but I never figured it out, so I made my own.

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    Sorta what Carol said... I use the hook tool that came with the 10-20. Pull the paper as close to taut as you can, then use the tool to pull up the spring-loaded retainer, and hook it over the edge of the paper and drum. Then, you can feed the end of the paper into the slot, and release the tool.

    Changeover takes me maybe two minutes.
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    I have the 16-32, but it has the same catch mechanism. I tried using the tool that came with the sander with little luck - me being klutzy, I'm sure. With a little practice, I found I could hold the spring clip with my right index finger while feeding the end of the roll into it. Also, on both ends of the drum, I let the spring clip grab and pull the end of the roll, then lift the clip again while holding the roll in place, so it tightens a bit more.

    I'm not as fast as Jim. It takes me about three minutes to change a roll.
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    well, my arthritic hands always have a tough time changing the paper, but being patient and using the tool, I manage to get the roll in and tight.
    Its not a real easy task, why they put the motor right next to where you have to clamp down on the paper, so no room to move your hands around, cant figure that out.
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