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Thread: What a score ...gloat.

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    What a score ...gloat.

    So in my running about yesterday I had to stop in at an appliance repair store and pick up a couple of parts for our electric stove. Yeah its not my responsibility to fix it but hey by the time I get the landlord etc to get someone to do it etc I might as well diy and be done.

    Well I got my payback for being kind to the landlord.

    Over the road from the appliance parts store is a ReStore It from habitat for humanity. To me this is one heck of a fine charity.

    Anyhow whenever I am in the area I pop in and see if there are any bits and pieces I don't need that I can buy. Yeah note the DONT need.

    Well did I hit it lucky yesterday.

    1) A brand new bosch 12v battery charger. Now I have the exact same one and its still good but hey for 1 $ who would pass it by. YEAH you read right ONE DOLLAR.

    2) What really started this buying spree was seeing a knock down kit for a draw. I have two small filing cabinets that I picked up from these people years ago. They not enclosed at the top. So I am putting a sheet of ply over them and making the two into a desk. But wanted to raise the desk surface by putting in a couple of draws. When I saw this I thought boom that's it but there is only one. Got a price $2 bucks. Bottom was missing. Went back to where I found it and found another in opened cardboard box but the real bonus was the slides were in the box two. They worth way more than $2 so I bought both draws only one shown in pic. Will cut some hardboard make bottoms and they will do fine for my purpose.

    3) Linda has a couple of mangy offcuts of carpet she is using for the trailer. My wife don't like sand beneath her feet unless she is on the beach. Anyhow these mangy pieces drive me crazy. So I spotted a couple of rubber backed carpet tiles yesterday and for $1.50 each I pounced. I did not think they would sell individual bits.

    4) I spotted some hardware specifically stainless steel packs of screws and @ $2.50 grabbed three packs.
    5) For our awning on the trailer I been looking for some S hooks but being cheap was not prepared to pay price I saw in stores. But someone was looking over me yesterday when I saw the S hooks in this store and pounced. Another item off the to do list, I was gonna make my own.
    6) Some eyelets for my birds nest turning kit. Xmas is coming so I will be needing these. 50cents who can complain.
    7) Pack of erasers (that's not what we called them where I come from ) for 25 cents
    8) Couple of coat hook packs the most expensive items I bought on a pro rata basis @ $1.50 per pack. They had a couple of boxes of this hard ware there some store must have closed down.

    Grand total for all my purchases $19.75 so I said keep the change.

    I really felt guilty only paying 1$ for the battery charger but hey I did not set the price. This is my kind of store.

    Not often I find anything to buy there.

    Heres the pic for proof of it all minus the second draw and carpet tiles.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    BTW tested the charger and it works now I got a charger I can leave in the trailer.

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    Good fines. I have a local Habitat store I like to visit. Good stuff there.
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    Wow, he shoots and scores
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    Nice score Rob! Our local stores have a FB page and will typically list some really good deals when they get them in too.

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    Good score, Rob!

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    They probably thought, "Rob's been such a good boy we should reduce our prices by 95% for him."

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Yeah love the habitat stores. I've taken a fair bit more there than I've taken out though. When we redid the floors and doors and trim on this house I kept as much of the old in as I could in good shape and took it all there. When we live in WA it was during the boom and they were building a lot of really high end houses so lots of crazy stuff ended up in their store, I still have a set of onyx and gold bathroom faucets somewhere waiting foot the right house.

    The charger was definitely the score of the day though man $1

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