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Thread: Catalpa and Holly

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    Catalpa and Holly

    The form is Catalpa from a friends yard. I've never seen ring rot in a log before, but had to turn away most of the log to get back down into solid wood. The wood had to be soaked in 50/50 white glue and water mixture for 48 hours, let dry for a week or two then final turned. Don't remember the size as I gave it to the guy who I got the wood from, but not over 10" for the form. Holly is dyed black with Feibing Leather Dye and finish is WOP. Thanks for looking.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nuthin wrong with that one Nate. Sweet curve and finished really well. Taller finial maybe.... could be cuz I'm short!
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    Very nice! Beautiful flow to the curve and the finial blends well. I can't be sure from the image, did you recess it into the top of the vessel a bit?

    Looks like the fight with the wood was worth the effort. I was tempted by some pecan with a few inches of rot on the outside but the inside was like iron and I decided my little lathe wasn't up to the challenge.


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    The lid/finial is recessed into the form a bit.

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    Nate like I said over younder, great job, but I think like Jim the finial could stand to be a bit taller.

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    Good stuff there, Nate. The form looks spot on to me, and I like the finial a lot, too. Not sure I agree on the "too short" comment, although I think a bit more taper in the stem part of it would help. Despite that minor opinion, I really like the other forms and shapes in the finial. Top shelf work, for sure.
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