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Thread: Behlen's rock hard table top finish and zinsser's sealcoat

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    Behlen's rock hard table top finish and zinsser's sealcoat

    I'm going nuts trying to find these products in canada.

    The sealcoat i found at home hardware but they only sell it by the gallon.
    The Behlen's.... no one has it and none of the websites want to ship to canada

    Anyone know where i can find a quart of each of these products? Lee valley doesn't stock them

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    i dont think a qt of each is enough.. mike seal coat maybe but not the behlens

    doesnt amazon ship to canada? LINK
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    Check out this forum discussion on seal coat, and detective work suggesting what it is called in Canada - the last several posts in that thread

    Sorry I can't help on Behlens.
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    Mike the sealcoat you will find at most Canadian home depots but just check the can to make sure its as Charlie pointed out because i have previously purchased the one with wax you want it without wax if you going to use it as a sealer.

    Mike you may also find that with lacquer we have an issue about letting it in. I know in the auto paint market a buddy of mine would have to smuggle paint in if he wants more of the finish he needs for his hotrod build. Canada has regs about the hazardous stuff like lacquer. We not allowed to spray lacquer at home anymore unless you have a properly regulated shop. You can get away with it but if a neighbor reports you well you get busted.

    What you may wish to try is look at Lee Valleys product called Deft,190,42942
    I dont know how this is any different but i do know its available. and its good stuff.

    Now i cannot explain this but i went to the Behlen website and it has distributors listed for Ontario and low and behold Lee Valley is one of them, so you might give them a call or try one of the others listed.

    You will have to select the province from the drop down list on this page i linked to and it will list the distributors.

    Best of luck.
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