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Thread: New Interchange Opened

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    New Interchange Opened

    A new interchange opened up this weekend here in Albuquerque where I-25 and I-40 meet. This should speed up traffic in the area immensely...

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    Hmm, time for some barnstormers to fly through...
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    This is almost old news, what with all the whoop-Dee-do they were making of it during construction.
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    Back around 1924, at Riverside, CA, there was a large event of some kind. One of the attractions was that a guy was going to fly under one of the arches of the Mission Bridge.

    The guy came down in a nice, almost landing speed, approach and went under the bridge. While the crowd was cheering, a friend of my dad's came down, almost in a dive, went under the bridge, up and over in a loop and back through again. He had been told that he only had x amount of time to he decided to live and not waste any of that time.

    My avitar is a picture of me after my first airplane ride. The pilot is my father. I was age 4.
    In that era, only daredevils were pilots so I may have been the first young child to go up in an airplane. I know that some of the teen age kids got rides from the Barnstormers who sold airplane rides at the local and state fairs.

    I still have the goggles my dad was wearing and I have the manual for the Eaglerock airplane he had. The entire manual, including "How to Fly an Airplane," How to work on the engine, How to replace the fabric on the body and wings (where they use aluminum and composits now), Stuff about the instruments, etc. was only a few pages. It was smaller than the manual for an altimeter on a newer private airplane.

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    I was looking to see if i could see any "dinky cars" or maybe you guys know them as matchbox.

    Jim what a cool memory. Dont ever stop telling us the stories, I love reading your posts.

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    The way my year is going so far I'd run out of gas halfway through the loop
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    I bet sales on nitrous oxide have gone way up.

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