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Thread: Tiny Tendons

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    Tiny Tendons

    I'm building a steam engine model that requires me to drill some 1/2 x 1/4 mortise & tendons. the wood is 3/4 x3/4.

    I scribe a line in the center 5/16 half of 3/4 and I dilled two 1/4 holes. I then tried to cut off the excess with 1/4 bit in a colt router. It ended up to big. I was hard for me to tell wear the bit on the back side. I tried a smaller bit and still managed to rag it out.

    I'm not going to try square it on the mortise or tendons, so just looking for ideas. I like to make a pattern but there isn't way to get a bass follower that small that I know of. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Bill why not use hand tools. Get chisels and use them to make the mortise. Just go carefully and gently.

    Alternatively get a 1/8" router bit.,46171&ap=1 make a fixture and with aid of template rout it out. Use a palm router for the ability to hold it steady.

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    I guess you got my creativeness going I have a HF mill. I put the wood pieces in the vice put 1 1/4 in router bit in the chuck measured the spacing and whala! perfect mortises. Thanks for your feed back.

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