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Thread: today's whittling

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    today's whittling

    As I was posting in another thread today I realized I was doing too much posting and not enough turning. With the weather we are having the Reeves drive is probably just hunting an excuse to corrode up too so it needed exercising. Didn't plan anything real extensive, just make some chips for the good of me and the lathe. I haven't turned in weeks so just trying to shake a little rust off.

    The piece is sycamore. It was sitting on top of some cherry endgrain to endgrain with fungus gluing them together. I had some hope of beautimous spalted lines and/or colors. Unfortunately some fungus just stains the wood most nasty looking. When I found ugly wood it reinforced the practice piece plan. The lathe ran properly, always a plus. Not so good is my drop light that usually helps light the shop wasn't available and it was a dark and gloomy day. Did a fair job of getting most of the outside turned and reversed things. Not too much clean-up and things looked fair. Put my usual hollowing tool to work, 5/8" diameter bowl gouge. No real problems other than had trouble seeing and the thunder and lightning were getting bad. That often sets off the sprinkler system in my shop so I was feeling the rush.

    The pith runs through both wings and was cracked both sides. A straight up and down crack on one side, three way on the other. The rest of the wood was pretty solid though and I made an executive decision, no glue. With the cracks and turning to 1/8" walls all the way down into the base I had to walk the turning down the sides of the piece in short sections. Probably four or five. I was pleased I was able to blend the short sections together well as I worked my way down leaving a lot of meat below where I was working.

    The bottom area looks a little nasty inside and out. Very little sanding yet and most of the marks seem to be burnishing, not tool marks and no catches. Might be harder to get out but finish might hide it somewhat too. I was feeling the pressure from approaching rain and didn't get as nice of flow as I could and should have. The thickness is pretty consistent around 1/8 all the way to where the tenon originally was. I added a bit more thickness in the bottom knowing I would have to turn it between centers to get most of the tenon away. The big notch in the rim is from a hungry chainsaw or polesaw before I started turning, was hoping it would go away but . . .

    Piece is 6.5 inches across the top of the wings, 4.5 inches tall. The foot is 1-1/4 inches diameter, 1/8 inch tall. It will come in handy if I decide to play with bleaches and tints or piercing, otherwise I would probably just crumple it in my hands, it still might meet that fate later. With sanding yet to come if I get a roundtuit, just a little sanding sealer as finish for now.

    Still using the cell phone with no controls and no editing software on this computer to speak of so the only things cruder than the piece are the images! Low light didn't do the cell phone with no flash any favors either.

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    Not bad, not bad at all. I need to go do a little whittling like that one of these days...
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