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Thread: Ebay made me do it :)

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    Ebay made me do it :)

    Look what showed up today

    Yeah Sharon Brent and I have something in common.....but i could not resist for the price. Dont lnow if i did good or bad till i ger to research the name.

    These were sold as "vintage" carving chisels. I think the only thing vintage about them is they are old and dirty.
    Brand stamped into handle says " Sculpture house" have not uet googled it yet but has anyone ever heard of this brand...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Picked these up for $80 bucks figured it would only take 2 new pfeil chisels from woodcraft to equal this amount.
    They will be good to practice sharpening on because the are a bit blunt and neglected.

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    " Sculpture house" ?
    Those are for modeling clay.

    just kidding ... I haven't the foggiest idea, but it sure looks like a great score to me...hope you get some great use out of them!
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    He Shoots, He Scores! I think you probably did good, but what do I know.

    From the way the steel looks, looks like it must have some decent carbon in it and should sharpen up nicely!
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    Nice little set of chisels there Rob!

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