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Thread: never turns out like I planned . . .

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    never turns out like I planned . . .

    By now I'm sure the more astute among you have realized that once I start a project in motion it basically runs until I run out of material and then I decide what I have. I need to do a good bit of electrical work in my barn to convert about the front fourth of it into a woodworking shop. I went to bend a piece of conduit for that project this morning. Well there is Hertz and there is not exactly. What I was looking at was much mo like not xactly. I can now confirm that rebending something is almost as productive as cutting more off of something that you cut too short the first time.

    Obviously it was time for a plan "B". I remembered some 42" pruning saw blades I bought back in the spring before the doctors changed out my batteries and OK'ed me to run a chainsaw for the first time in six years. Didn't seem to me that it would take too much more bending, a hole here or there, and the conduit could be a pruning saw frame. A pruning saw frame it is!

    I tried to figure out which tool section to put it in and have to admit that this certainly wasn't modern day tooling, if I called it neander tooling many a good man would be spinning in his grave, might contribute to global cooling which seems to be the real issue at the moment. Certainly ain't a turning tool either, at least not intentionally. Off topic seems pretty safe because this thing is truly a bit off. Nice to throw behind the seat of the truck for those roadside finds though and I don't have to worry about premix and oil getting everywhere. Plus this thing just doesn't look quite as appealing to thieves as a chainsaw.

    The good news is I still have a bunch more of these blades. I figure by the time I try to make three or four more of the pruning saw frames I am almost certain to bend something that works to run the wiring in the barn!

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    Pretty slick Hu. I envy you guys with mechanical skills!!
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    Great example of life handing you lemons, and you making a sow's purse. Or something like that.
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