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Thread: Thanking those smart people over at Apple

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    Thanking those smart people over at Apple

    While prepping the pool for closing today I had to kneel down and bend over the edge to remove a fitting. Unbeknownst to me, my iPhone 5 slipped from my shirt pocket and slipped silently below the surface and came gently to rest in 3' of water. There it lay for over 2 hours when I finally realized it was no longer in my pocket. A frantic search of the house and a call to a store I had visited earlier in the day did not turn up the missing phone. Jan asked if it might have landed in the pool as she remembered seeing be bent over the side. Sure enough, there is was.

    I retrieve it, removed it from its protective case and dried it off. I then went into the shop and used the shop vac to suck out any moisture I could and then set it out in the sun for a few hours. With great trepidation I turned it on - it works perfectly.

    My thanks and adoration to the folks at Apple for building a phone that even dummies like myself find hard to destroy.
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    Gives new meaning to dunking for Apples!
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    Man...I thought Murphy lived at my house. That was an unexpected save. I thought it would be toast.

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    When the cell phones became popular and I was still teaching at the school farm I had a girl that wanted a new phone and had insurance on her current phone. So she put it in the stock tank and put a brick on top of it to keep it under water. 2 hours later she pulled it out and it still worked. She did that for three or four days! She couldn't kill that phone and this was at least ten years ago! So she finally puts it behind the rear tires of the bus and when I backed out to take that class to the school I ran over it. She got her new phone, left it in a coat pocket on a fence post, rained cats and dogs. She remembers, goes out, phone barely damp, would not work!!!!! Insurance wouldn't pay because she had just gotten a new one!!! She should have kept that old one. Glad yours resisted the water! Way to go Jan!!!!!!!!!

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    Whew and thank goodness.
    I'm glad it worked out well.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    I think you got lucky, Rennie.

    Many years ago I carried a pager for work...after hours tech support. A new model came out with a better display, but the pager store wouldn't let me upgrade my old one. Our company did, however, have replacement insurance. One evening I was washing the dishes, and decided it was time for the new pager. Just to be sure, I called the pager number, and as it was beeping and vibrating, darned if the silly thing didn't slip off the counter and into the dishwater. For some reason, it didn't work after that. Got the new pager the next day. And I probably deserved every late-night irate tech support customer I got on that pager from then support karma, or something like that.
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    Had a similar experience myself luck was to get to it as fast as I let it hit the water and then rapidly remove the battery. Then I blew it out and wrapped it in paper towel and left it for a day or so. Came back to life no problem. BUt the display has droplet water marks under it that make it unpleasant to see through.

    I am amazed yours worked given it was in the pool for all that time, would have thought that at least the battery would have gone given the water short circuit. They must have the build so tight and sealed.

    Glad you recovered it. Its a hefty price to replace contract or no contract we still pay full price for these things.

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    I've accidentally went swimming with my phone twice. It survived. I used a blow dryer and rice.

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    The book solution to a wet phone is to turn it off and put it in a plastic bag and cover it with dry, uncooked rice. Leave it there a day or two. The rice will suck out all the water from inside the phone. Every phone I've seen left in rice has survived.

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