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Thread: Latest project, a sign for Brook.

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    Latest project, a sign for Brook.

    Hi folks,
    I haven't been doing much woodworking lately. Things aren't so great around here to due my health issues. Many of you here have seen a post I started over in the Off Topic forum about Brook, she's a beautiful little girl who's only 34 months old and is in the final stages of Tay-Sachs disease. She's been doing a little better lately but she doesn't have much time left.

    Make A Wish Foundation - New Hampshire has granted her a wish! In the next week or two, they will be delivering and setting up a beautiful little outbuilding in their backyard. Brook rarely ever leaves her living room. That's where she spends her time 24/7. Her mother Kate discussed the project with MAW and they loved the idea! It will be a nice place for them to go and sit to spend some time together out in their yard. After she passes, it will be a place where her mother Kate and big brother Jake can go and sit to remember the time they had with this little angel.

    Kate mentioned something about having some sort of sign made for Brook to show that it's her place. I jumped at the chance and told Kate that I'd be honored to make one for her. I started it a couple days ago and finished it up yesterday afternoon.

    Here's a pic of the outbuilding that they're receiving, as well as the sign I made for her...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nicely done John
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    Beautiful work for a great cause, John!
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    John, it was with great trepidation I opened and read this post. Answered prayers that Brook is amongst us and surrounded by her family's love. Great sign, great work, great spirit and may your health improve.
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    Well done John, both to you and MAW!

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    I'm so happy Brook is getting to enjoy more time with her friends and family. You are a good friend to them all and a great gesture to a wonderful girl...God bless.

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    You're a good man John.
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    John your a great man and that's a great sign...Well done

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    Well done, John very well done.

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    Great job for an excellent cause
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