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Thread: Nephew's first cover

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    Nephew's first cover

    I know most folks here don't read these kind of books. But I just couldn't resist posting his first book cover. Don't know anything about the author, or the book, just thought it was really cool that he finally made it. I see that this is book one of a trilogy, not sure if he has all ready got the other two covers or not, as he can't say one way or the other. I'm hoping he has all ready submitted the art for them as he's the one dying from cancer, and know one thinks he will made it another year, if that. He was in NY city yesterday to see his DR and they told him there's nothing more they can even try on him.
    SteveClick image for larger version. 

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    Wow, what a bittersweet accomplishment. Great artwork, though.
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    that is some real nice work steve,, it sure is amazing what can be done with graphic programs now days..
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    Beautiful artwork. Hard to see someone with such talent also have to go through such an ordeal.
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    Not my kind of book either, but a great cover!

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    Larry I don't understand how it's done, but I know he has some kind of pad that he draws on and it goes into the puter. He's as good with a pencil or paint though. He spent 6 years at the art institute of pittsburg.

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