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Thread: pedestal table for church

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    pedestal table for church

    I just finished this little table for my church. It took me several days. Has a couple misteaks that didn't show up until it was all assembled. Oh, well. I hope I'm the only one who notices.
    It is 28" tall to match another table nearby. The pedestal itself is a solid piece of walnut that was over 3"X5" before I cut and planed. It is cut to a trapezodial shape, narrow in front and wider in back. Top and bottom are white oak with alternating shades of strips of walnut in the middle. I got a hunk of that laminated walnut from Tod a couple years ago and it has been in my 'scrap' pile since then looking for a project.
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    Your table looks plenty good from here, Frank. Nice and sturdy!
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    She looks great to me too Frank. Well done.
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    Nice looking piece Frank, well done!

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    Very nice Frank.

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    It sure looks good from my angle Frank
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    Nice table Frank, good job
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    Nicely done
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    Great job Frank
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    Well done sir - I hope it serves them well for many years.
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