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Thread: Tell me about your jointer

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    Tell me about your jointer

    I am going to be looking for a 6" or 8" (probably 6") jointer in the next few weeks. For those of you who have a jointer of this size, please tell me what you have and what you like and dislike about it. The larger jointers are not an option because of space and cost.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Delta X5 - owned it for about 14-16 months. Bought new

    Like: runs smooth, pretty quiet.
    Like: Nice long fence. rack+pinion, easy to adjust.
    Like: power switch mounted high.
    Like: with a DC I have virtually no dust.
    Like: the enclosed base is solid, and fairly compact (I think the open stand bases take up more space)
    Like: the tables were flat, and I did not need to do any shimming.
    Like: for a 6", it has a pretty long bed. (I think GI has a longer one, but costs much more)

    Issue: Had to fiddle with the motor position when I bought it, as it
    was not aligned the best.
    Issue: I had one pin fall out of the fence, but quickly replaced by my local store.
    Issue: It has levers for adjusting. Sometimes I think I'd prefer cranks/dials.
    Issue: Stock blades were not great, and quickly dulled. (knicked even, after I ran some SYP through it. I've since learned that those pin-knots in SYP can be VERY hard) So count on buying some better blades right away. It's good to have a second set anyways, so you can have one set available when you send the other set out for sharpening.

    Other point: some brands come with built in mobile bases. However, in my small shop I want bases with four swiveling wheels, and ALL built-in mobile bases are 2 fixed + 2 swivel.

    Summary: None of those issues were big deals. I'm happy with my purchase. Suits me, and suits my current shop size.

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    I have the older brother (8 inch version) of Art's jointer. My list of likes and dislikes would be much the same as the on Art put together so well -so I won't bother. Thanks Art.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Powermatic 54 (not the newer, longer 54A) 6". If I had the room I'd give serious consideration to getting an 8" (or even 12" as long as I'm dreaming) but I've been very happy with the PM54. The few times I've operated someone else's jointer that has the lever type adjuster has really made me prefer the handwheel type like the 54. I think it's just a matter of what you get used to, but I find the handwheels a lot more precise than the levers. Just my 2 drachmas.
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    I'll join the chorus. I have the DJ-20, which I think is what Frank has. Its rock solid and dependable, does the job very well. I share Art's views on the likes and dislikes. At least at the lumberyards where I trade, there is a lot of stock in the 6-8 inch range, so the 8 incher is a big help.

    I have mine on the mobile base Delta sells. It has only two swivel wheels, but I generally don't move it far or often, but when I need to, I am very glad its on a mobile base. That sucker is heavy. Plan to have some help when you install it.
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    I had a Ridgid 6" for a couple of years and it was very good, especially for the money. No issues. I had it on a HTC mobile base and it was plenty stable.

    Now I have the Grizzly GO490 8" and it is great. Appears to be a copy of the DJ20. My adjustments were dead on out of the box.

    I have had both wheels and levers for movement of the tables and for me it is a non issue as long as they work smoothly. The parallelogram design was a big issue for me as I have been through the shim process on dovetail way machines and I like the built in ability to adjust the beds MUCH better with the parallelogram setup.

    My advise is to go with an 8" instead of a 6" if there is ANY way possible to swing the space for it.
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    We bought a 6" wedge-bed Steel City and got it in January. The bed came out of the box dead flat--the fence was only about .010 out of square and it took all of about 3 minutes to get it squared up. The bed was crated top down, not like the other brands where they crate it top up and depend on styrofoam or cardboard inserts to keep it from moving around.

    It is heavy, and it takes two to get it put together. It's a great machine and we intend for it to last a long time--in fact, it will probably be the last one we ever need to buy. If you want more information, PM me and I'll have David answer the more-technical questions.

    Bottom line - we LOVE our Steel City.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Cloud View Post
    I'll join the chorus. I have the DJ-20, which I think is what Frank has.
    It is what I have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Cloud View Post
    That sucker is heavy. Plan to have some help when you install it.
    Yep, particularly when you lift it onto the mobile base -and you must have a mobiule base.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Ed, if you really are going with a 6" you might want to think used. There are lots of 6" used jointer floating around and you can get some good deals. 8" used jointer's are not common at all. Jointer are simple machines. Not much to go wrong with them and assuming the beds are not damaged, they are simple to work on and repair.

    Back to your question. I have a 6" J-Line/Broadhead Garret. Bought used (of course). I guess it is 1960's model. Works perfect. No complaints. I have a 6" Short bed Delta, 1948 I believe, not used it much but it works fine. Just prefer the long bed.
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    I have the Ridgid JP610 6 1/8in joiner. It is a 3 knife jointer. I have had it for about 2 years now. I picked it up at Home Depot for about $350. Its setup was fairly quick. I did have to have some help lifting the beds on to the base once it was assembled. It has a 4 in dust (more of a chip shoot) port on the leg under the outfeed side..

    It comes with 4 adjustable feet, which work if you are not going to be moving it around the shop at all. It could use a mobile base, at least in my shop. I am going to be building one soon (hopefully).

    The only down side is that they (HD) don't carry replacment knives for it. If you need to replace the knives you either need to order them right from Ridgid Parts or find them on the web somewhere.

    In my search for the joiner knives, I found a Home Depot where they could order them for me at the Pro Desk. They said that a set would cost about $28 plus tax. They actually can order almost anything from any tool line that they carry. This isn't something that they advertise, but if you ask the ywill do it for you. I had them order a belt sander that they did not carry in the store, so I could use a handful of gift cards that I had.

    All in all, I have no complaints about it. Just wish I could get the knives easier.
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