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Thread: really big wooden guitar

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    really big wooden guitar

    I once made a piece of wall art, looked like a 5 foot electric guitar, all wood.

    then I see someone certainly outdid mine, came across this one this weekend. Id love to tackle one this size, but Id need a much larger shop.
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    Nah Allen I made a 10 foot by 5 foot cross in my little 10x20 shop you can do it.
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    Re: really big wooden guitar

    Very cool:thumbup:

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    That's cool, did they use piano wire for the strings?

    Somewhere I have a pic of my wife and I outside the Grand ole Opry (the new one) where they have a guitar at the entrance. There's no strings on it though.

    Can get a sense of scale from the bench and trash can though.
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    Very cool, Allen. What was it made out of?

    Gibson commissioned a series of these guitars all over the Hollywood area, painted (or otherwise decorated) by different artists. They are molded fiberglass, and they bug me because the angle of the bridge on most of them is backward.

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    looked like some kind of veneer, not sure what the body was made of.
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