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Thread: last weekend's craft show

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    last weekend's craft show

    none of the new cutting boards sold, though they drew a lot of looks and comments that they were too pretty to be used. sold 2 of my older cutting boards, and 2 of the bud vases. made the table cost and a little bit more. came away with a new idea or two for cutting boards, and a lot of cards went out. going to 2 more sales, one at a local middle school in november (they said that they usually get a pretty good turnout), and the other at a local hall in december.
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    good luck dan.
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    Sounds like your tweaking what's to do and will sale.
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    Even though you missed on the cutting boards I feel sure you are targeting your audience.

    The Chamber of Commerce (for each area where you plan to show) should be able to help you determine who is going to see your work. It may be oil well riggers at one and charitable minded society at another...Obviously they are not going to be attracted to the same thing. Make what THEY want. I am not trying to teach you something you already know; I am trying to get you to stop and think about what you already Do know.

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    Making your table costs is always a good thing, although it's always nice to make a lot more than that.
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    I was always happy making booth fees and the exposure might lead to some orders. We went to an annual local outdoor show with 80 top notch vendors this past weekend. It rained the whole weekend and the venue was ankle deep in mud. The vendors stuck it out but not a lot of people made their booth fees. Most I talked to took it in stride and said that's the risk they take with outdoor shows. Hopefully you will do better at the next two.

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