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Thread: Working around the traffic

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    Working around the traffic

    I need to make one finial trip the pentagon. I got called out on 2 very little spots on doors out of the 22 I worked on.
    So waiting for the traffic [ rush HOURS] if their is such a thing in DC to subside. Only in your dreams but if you went for a drive around 1-4 AM you would not be dreaming. No traffic.
    One of the reasons I loved hunting , I would leave in the morning and No Traffic, I would hunt till dark and No Traffic. then after 30 years of hunting I cut way back on hunting and WOW traffic.
    So waiting for 10:30 to ride the bike down.
    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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    Spot hunting that anything like snipe hunting. Nothing like being put on the spots. I know you'll make them happy.
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    All my trips to the pentagon were of the high anxiety variety and parking/traffic were the least of my worries. Briefing a room full of Grand Poo-bahs and Viziers always tied my stomach into knots. Getting stuck in traffic on the way home was a relief

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