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Thread: Don't fence me in

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    Don't fence me in

    My next "woodworking" project, build a fence between my yard and the neighbor. The primary purpose of which is to hide the view of the mobile holiday inn that has been parked in their driveway, whithou moving, for almost 11 years.

    The fence will be 6' high and about 24' long - the string line tells all.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The design will match the front fence I put in 2 years ago and the bench I built this past summer.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Picked up all the lumber yesterday - 100% cedar. Should be fun!
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    I really like the trellis on the eop of the fence. Very imaginative. Hmm, I have to replace my fence next spring. Hmm...

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    Nice design. I like it and it seems to fit everything else you have done.
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    I agree with Bill on the design. Looking forward to seeing this one come together, Rennie.
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    Great continuation of your design, Rennie. I'm looking forward to seeing the result.
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    Maybe they are just using it as a fence to block the view of your driveway.

    If I was your neighbor I would, my wife would be nagging me all the time "why can't you build stuff like Rennie does!".

    Love the details in all your work, the fence is no exception.

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    Great looking grass. Just the picture makes me start itching.
    You have a beautiful yard and fence.

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    That is going to look great Rennie. As to the eye-sore; what better thing to do with an old model R.V. than set it in your driveway for all to enjoy? I've got it. Prop the rear end up on old car rims and stack an old pallet next to it for that real "You may be a red neck if" quality.

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    You are fortunate. In our county no fences over four feet high are allowed in front yards. The neighboring city recently changed their ordinance to allow 8' fences in rear yards and I hope we follow suite. Sometimes you just can't have enough fence.

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    Very nice, you certainly do good work.

    I'm a bit surprised at how close your front gate and fence are to the sidewalk, where I come from in Canada, the city keeps an easement at the front of everyone's property of about 8', which you have to mow, but you cannot build anything on, that way if they need to widen a road etc they have the land, but this precludes just about any fence in the front yards.
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