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Thread: Trailer alignment issues - heads up, Rob

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    Trailer alignment issues - heads up, Rob

    Well. That was interesting and frustrating.

    One side of the Bro is perfect. The drivers side not so. So possibly bent wheels or spindles, given Bill's link. My bet is wheels. My hope is wheels. Less expensive.

    Discovered a few things. Make sure you have the same size and rating of tires on each wheel. Same brand would be good. Same tire pressure. Makes a difference.

    Finding a shop to do this work is not going to be easy, nor likely cheap. I have to go to Camping World outside of Flagstaff. Two alignment shops here looked at me like I was crazy. Of course they also sold tires, so what did I expect? Maintenance that saved tire wear? Not on their dime.

    Got a chance to check the 16'er. I bought it new in '04. It is perfect. Haven't checked the PP yet. But I need the Bro next Friday to meet with my unloading/reloading team in Kingman. The PP will have to wait. More on the the to-do list.

    If I could still do the work, I'd look into this:

    That ought to keep you out of the bars, Rob.

    FWIW, the PP is my 24 foot cargo trailer housing the shop equipment, i.e., the Putter Palace. The Bro is a 24' cargo trailer a little shorter in height, serving as the PP's garage, or the PP's little brother, hence, Bro. The 16 footer never got a name. Probably feels inferior in some way. It was my original shop trailer the guys saw a few years ago on their trip out west.

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    Re: Trailer alignment issues - heads up, Rob

    Well thank you Carol. Monday i intend to try claim on warranty. This trailer is one year old and should not have an issue like this in my opinion.

    I figured finding a crowd that takes thsi seriously will be a challenge.

    Its not just the tire wear, its having the darn things bust on me that concerns me. I aint hauling it with a large long MH. In my case i think if trailer had an issue it would drag my vehicle with it. lol.

    Well we live and learn. Saw on a forum how one guy checked under his travel trailer and found the brackets were welded on skew. To fix that is going to be quiet a job.

    If it gets to that on mine, i think i will look to upgrade the axles etc so as to have extra safety margin. I dont like the way these things are all marginal and on the edge.

    Hope you get yours sorted Carol. Best of luck.

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    I would start with the yellow pages. Call welding shops and ask if they make or repair trailers. Anywhere in rural country trailers are a basic part of farm and industrial life. Also look for small businesses that specifically make trailers, like box or livestock. I would avoid rv repair shops, you are bound to pay 2-3X the price at those.
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