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Thread: Haven't show cased any of my work for a while

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    Haven't show cased any of my work for a while

    and I'm not sure I even fit in the class of some of you guys, but here are a few bowls I did recently, took them to a show in Blue Ridge to get rid of them...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was from a chunk of Box Elder a friend gave me... the bowl is 11" dia x 4 3/4" high and finished with a gloss polyurethane...must have had 50 people pick it up at the show before one lady wouldn't let go of it...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is from a piece of Southern Magnolia that I picked up last year and let it lay out side the shop on the ground until earlier this month... This one is 10 1/2" dia by 5 1/2" high...finished in polyurethane... also sold at Blue Ridge.
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    Spalted Hackberry in a modified calabash style... 7 1/2" dia x 2 1/2" high... again finished in polyurethane. This one also sold, but think it went at the Farmer's Market it do downtown Knoxville.

    I've used polyurethane on most of my bowls, but recently saw a video by a local turner that was touting Doctor's Woodwork as a finish... after watching his video and then going over to the website for the Doctor, I'm thinking about switching... it looks easier to apply and I liked the finish in the videos.... anyone here work with the Doctor's Wood work finishes??
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    Those are some great looking bowls, Chuck! I especially like the spalted hackberry!!!

    I can't help with the Doctor's Wood finishes.
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    Beautiful Bowls! My favorite is the Hackberry bowl.
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    Good looking stuff Chuck!!
    I think Bernie uses Doctors...but don't hold me to it. I'm sure he'll be by.
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    Nice stuff, Chuck. No surprise they sold. Congrats! Great woods...I especially like the look of the box elder, although I'm personally not real fond of straight-sided/flat bottomed bowls.

    No experience with the Doctor's Woodshop finishes, but they look like they'd be worth a try.
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    Great bowls! I have purchased some of the Doctor's products but had little reason to use them yet since I haven't used my lathe for several months. There are people on other forums that swear by it. I never felt it would be good for something that got handled a lot, like pens, but I could be wrong.
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    Beautiful wood/work Chuck.

    I'm really fond of the box elder colors; although the Spalted Hackberry is really appealing as well and personally I also like the form on it a little better (or maybe it just fits the piece better somehow). I suspect that the Magnolia looks better in hand than in pictures, I think its hard to really see the grain from here..

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    Great looking pieces Chuck.

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    Glad you posted these Chuck. They are all nice, but the hackberry is my favorite. I bought a selection of the Doctors finishes last year based on Bernie's recommendation but haven't had a chance to use all of them yet, just the walnut finishing oil. My normal go to has been Mahoney's utility finish--also a walnut oil. So far, the Doctors has performed equally well. Neither of these will give you the same kind of finish as poly though. They are oils that soak in and don't form a surface film like the poly. Apples and oranges really.

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    The box elder would not have left my hand either Nice job on them all Chuck

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