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Thread: Article on a finishing master

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    Article on a finishing master

    Just read an article in the Nov 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking called "A Finishing Passion". This article is about Brian Miller who has an extensive experience working on Greene & Greene projects, particularly the Blacker House.

    I took his Finishing class at Cerritos college a few years ago. He has tons of knowledge on the subject and is always eager to pass it on to his students. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of what I learnt. Like any other skill, finishing also requires constant honing.

    If you get the magazine then do read the article.
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    Re: Article on a finishing master

    Thanks for the heads up Mohammad. Can only agree so many of these skills need constant use to retain.

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    It was a very interesting article Mohammad. I liked that he leaned toward using dyes to duplicate the colors. Some of the chemicals they use to use back then are definitely not friendly. I would like to take a class with Brian.
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    well I haven't seen the article but if he's using dies he's got to know his stuff one of my favorite Ways the color
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