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Thread: why it pays to deal with a smart boss

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    why it pays to deal with a smart boss

    Im headed down south Thursday, and yesterday in the afternoon I decided I wanted to print Tee shirts for my family reunion.
    I realized finding a place that would do a small order like this in one day is probably out of the question.
    I stumbled into the last place Id try yesterday afternoon, and was told the boss is out, hell be back in an hour, you can ask him.(the workers sort of made it known its highly doubtful)
    I shot over and got a haircut, came back, and the boss was a cool guy, told him my deal, Im stupid I waited till the last minute, he said, no problem, Ill squeeze you in and gave me the price.
    Did not deal with any bosses in the other 2 places I tried, but this smart boss was not giving up a job no matter how small.
    My kind of businessman.(and he looked extremely busy, tons of cartons of tees and workers banging out sweatshirts and teeshirts)
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    Never hurts to ask the one in charge.

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    Yep, those are the guys who get the repeat business, too.
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    yup used that logic the other day when i got that particle board cab repair,, looked at a bathroom repair and realized it wasnt what i wanted but i came out of the deal with a little work just the same
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    Re: why it pays to deal with a smart boss

    My kind of businessman.:thumbup:

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