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Thread: Something to make Stu feel real homesick ;)

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    Something to make Stu feel real homesick ;)

    Well I guess many of us remember a time when there was no you tube or tv, yeah I aint that old but where I came from we only got TV in 1975 so what did we do until then.....

    Well I still think the best entertainment ever is when you get to use your own imagination and create the picture visualize the event, characters or circumstances in your own mind and in your own way.

    This takes me back to Radio and the times when as a family we would huddle around a radio set and listen to shows together while keeping our hands busy doing something else. Could be playing cards, watching a fire, or doing homework or maybe building a puzzle.

    So how does this make Stu all that way away homesick?

    Well....I pondered just how interested ya all would be given what I am about to interest you in has to do with making a Canadian homesick but decided its more about story telling and enjoying using your imagination than just Canadians. If you hear something that your American ear and mind cannot work out, well ask me what it is and if I don't know be sure I will find out the Canadian background to it.

    So I would like to introduce you all to something which you can download and save on your player whatever it maybe, ( I have these podcasts on my phone) and play them while you beaver away in the workshop, or Stu when next you on nightshift in the Liquor store and need to pass the time away.

    Its called the Vinyl Café and its a radio show that is presented on CBC by a Canadian person with a voice that can create a unique story telling ambiance. You gonna either be addicted or dislike it, I don't think there is an in between.

    The voice is Stuart McClean and his radio show is typically recorded live and travels from the very far east Coastal Islands through to the West in BC.
    The show has three parts. Its starts with a short introductory story that is pretty typically focused locally and then normally features a local musician of sorts, could be a solo artist or a band or what have you. Then he moves on to telling a story that a listener would have sent in. And finally there is the main event a story about two characters.
    The two characters names are Dave and Morely a married couple. And the story is a narration of thoughts and events of their lives from Dave's perspective and a general recount of events.
    Each person that listens will develop a mental picture of these two characters and the events that take place in their lives. You will build the image bit by bit. At times you may just shed a tear, thinking about how close to home some of the issues strike you but most times you will be rolling on the floor laughing. When it ends you will feel the sadness that comes from the end of a great event like attending something really spectacular. But no sooner will that feel pass and you will be looking forward to the next show. I try not to spoil it by playing one after another even though I have a bunch downloaded on my phone. But it all depends what I am doing and what my mood is like.

    For me it takes me back to happy times of my childhood of which there were not that many given what happened in my family. But it also continuously reminds me of a radio show back in SA produced by SA actors called Taxi.

    Taxi was about two New York Taxi drivers and the dispatcher. Chuck Edwards, Red Kowolski and Myrtle. Chuck was engaged to Myrtle and no matter how many years the show was broadcast, their engagement stayed the same, 16 years. Chuck and Red were buddies and Red used to like to watch the TV with the sound off and make up his own story. He would also spend his time reading "True Romance in Pictures".
    Then someone had the idea to make the show into a movie and boy what a disaster. It totally proved my point about each building the characters in their own mind. The movie destroyed the show. I hope this does not happen to Vinyl Café Stories.

    So here are the links

    Here is where you can download podcasts of the shows past.

    And whilst its not American I urge you guys to give it a try if you like a good story.

    Stu if these stories from all over Canada don't make you homesick well then nothing will.

    Here are a bunch of ways you can listen to the show without necessary doing it my way

    I hope some of you get a kick out of the shows especially some of you that perhaps are not as active as you once were or are undergoing medical rehab and need a bit of R&R mental distraction and comedy.

    A long drive with one of Stuarts stories to accompany you sure shortens the journey.

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    Rob I've been a fan of the Vinyl Cafe for some time, I got Stuart's book
    Click image for larger version. 

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    a few years ago and I read the short stories often, it is VERY good.

    I did know about the radio show, but I did not know about the podcast, thank you for that, I'll add it to my list of daily listens!


    PS after 23+ years of living in Japan, I don't really get homesick, this is home now.

    OK, I'm now downloading some podcasts of the Vinyl Cafe on my iPhone and will be listening to them in the Dungeon in moments.

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    Re: Something to make Stu feel real homesick ;)

    Glad you saw the post Stu and hey even better that u got something from it.
    I am hoping some other Canadians that come here get introduced to the show but even more i hope some of neighbors to the south give it a try. The show does travel to the US and is played on US radio stations.

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