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Thread: Surprise in the Mailbox

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    Surprise in the Mailbox

    I've been expecting a few packages in the mail lately, so I've been checking the mailbox every day. (Two of the packages would fit in my mailbox, but not the third. But even then, I've been expecting the note from the Post Office to go pick up the larger package.) All last week, it was empty each time I checked. I once again checked it Saturday early afternoon, and it was still empty.

    Tonight (Sunday) on a wild hair I decided to check it again to see if by chance the mail came late Saturday afternoon. Eureka! In my mailbox, I found the key to the oversized package drop box. Cool! Inside I found a small package...the new HID headlight bulbs I ordered for my car. (One burnt out last week.) I also found a larger package...the new pickguard and rail style humbuckers for my white Stratocaster. (Now I can go either single or double coil for all three pickups.) Woot!

    But very much to my surprise, I found an even larger I didn't figure would fit in the mailbox:

    Hmm...wonder what that could be. Here's a hint...

    OK, these are just quick cell phone shots. The good pics with my real camera will have to wait a few days until I can get the guitar reassembled. For this shot, I used no flash (just the track lights in my living room) to show off the sparkle...

    And for this shot, the flash was used, so this is a bit better representation of the color...

    This guitar has a true automobile-quality paint job. Smooth as a grand piano. And since Dave was wanting to see my reaction when I saw the paint job he did on my guitar, I figure I should throw this pic in too. Might want to avoid showing it to any women or children...I wouldn't want them to get unnecessarily frightened...

    Dave, in case you're still wondering, I'm very pleased with the paint job.

    I'll post better pics of the guitar once it's all assembled back together. I'm tied up for the next couple of days, but I hope to have it back together in time for a gig we're playing Friday night. (Not gonna rush things, though...I want to do it right.)
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    Great looking paint job. My dog jumped out of my lap when she saw your picture and went whimpering under the couch.....
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    This is like a suspense drama, been waiting on this thread, so looking forward to seeing it assembled and your quality of pics when you get to shoot it.
    Btw is that the best you can do for a scary image. Guy I see in that pic looks as happy as can be. I am just happy it got there in one piece.
    Something like this is priceless to me. Not sure too many have paused to think that you to my recollection have not yet met Dave, so to meet on our forum have a person on one side of the country give a guitar body a make over for a person on the other coast, well just ponder that for a moment. I can only think of one thing ......priceless and amazing. Kudos to you and Dave.

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    finally!!! and as for the long distance work commute he did have some middle men that vouched for daves work
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    Now I am HAPPY ! I did a redo ....just once ! Larry I can always count on "THE BEARDED WONDER" Thanks !
    Rob I have often marveled at the the connection I've made over the past 15 years just because of the Al Gore Internet HEHEHEHEHE !

    Vaughn my son said it's the 1st pic that will represent the guitar the best in a club.
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    Wowza! Looks terrific. Great job, Dave. You lucky dog, Vaughn. You have great friends. And for the rest of you, I get to see it live and in person and being played by the blond guy himself in just a few weeks. WooHoo!

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    Fantastic Job Dave!

    Can't wait to see a picture of it in use at a gig!
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    Very Nice!!
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    Nice job, Dave.
    I think I will enlarge Vaughn's picture and hang it on the front porch on Halloween night. That will keep the kids away.
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