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Thread: Tool cabinet Tool Chest what belongs what dont

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    Tool cabinet Tool Chest what belongs what dont

    So here is the million dollar question.

    What does a modern woodworker put in a tool cabinet or tool chest in the way of handtools.

    What belongs and gets used and what don't. Lets revise tradition. At the end of the day there is only so much space and I want functionality over tradition.

    Example is me asking about a brace. Yeah I have a two braces. One was Dads and the other came in a second hand bundle. I know they can be handy but really its not an item that is going to be used the way say a chisel, plane, ruler, screwdriver, handsaw gets used.

    Then I have seen what I almost consider to be heresy where a guy put a bunch of consumables in a real fancy cabinet.

    But then I got to thinking about it and thought why not. I am not sure the DVD's in the bottom right hand side belong there nor that I think sanding belts belong in there. Especially when the guy went to the trouble of building such an elegant cabinet.

    But I even ask myself is a plane tote not a better solution for planes than having them in compartments.

    So neanders what's your thoughts about what belongs and what does not.

    Also, pretty sure many have more than one chisel set. Again in my case I have my Dads pretty good vintage chisels, and then two new sets of narex chisels, mortise and bevel edge. At some point one has to draw the line.
    I am also not looking for it to be a show case, its got to be a worker. The principle idea to me is to have tools that you use on hand and visible so you use the right tool and don't compromise because you cannot instantly put your hand on the right tool. I am just thinking that my statement here pretty much has some self contained answer. No point in NOT putting an infrequently used tool in, if you want to use the right tool. But that in my view still does not mean just pack em in.

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    Not sure this is the same thing, but a few years ago when I built my buddy cart, I was thinking about the same thing. What I wanted was a portable (on wheels) tool storage that had the things I walked after the most to tow to where I was working. So I started by paying attention to what I used the most and/or would not continue without.

    So, my list. Pencil tray, small measuring tools, small clamps, sound muffs, paper towels, glue, handiest wrenches and pliers, tape, guns (staple to drivers), hand saw, files, sanding blocks, hammers, as best as I can remember. These where hung on all four sides of the outside. Top drawer holds tool accessories for drivers and guns, ink pens, markers, block planes and scrapers, and specialty measuring tools. Second drawer has knives, deburrers, razor blades, scraper blades, paint scrapers, and countersink bits. The third drawer has a corded drill, bits, and tap & dies sets. The bottom drawer has corner clamps and right angle jigs for gluing corners. All I can remember. But I also have a small cabinet on the wall right in the middle of things with most used pliers, screwdrivers, various gauges (plywood scraps for setups), finishing triangles, bench stops, and miscellaneous-I-don't-where-else-to-put-it stuff. Likely the most useful surface as the top. It has a ledge to keep things from rolling off and held whatever I was using at the moment. It needed regular clearing. If stuff belonged IN the cart, it was returned. If it didn't, then maybe it should. Don't think there is a 'end' to this one.

    That help? I think this is very subjection and depends entirely on how a person works. If your goal is different, then your selection will be different. I just let the steps I made in and around the shop dictate what went in and on my cart. Now I get to rethink it as I no longer have the room to move around all that much and the buddy cart will be dismantled in favor of certain tools stored near the bench and assembly areas, in my case, two steps away from each other.

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    I find this pretty easy to determine. What are the tools I have touched the most in the last week . . . that would be them .

    Seriously though, it depends on what the cabinet is. Is it a storage cabinet or is it an accessibility aid, or is it both? If it is a storage cabinet then I would lay things out on a large piece of paper, shuffle them around till they weren't too mixed together and had the most logical positions I could get without sacrificing density, draw around them and build to that. If this is a cabinet that is supposed to present your tools to you for use, I would have the most frequently grabbed tools gathered together and fan out from there.

    Depending on the cabinet design you may have swingout panels behind the doors, cubbies and drawers. I may do things backwards but, I decide what is going in my drawers first. This determines their size and positions. Cubbies would be determined by the planes or other items I will put in them (honestly I have sort of abandoned cubbies in favor of hanging the planes by their knobs a-la Chris Gochnour:

    Chisels, marking and measuring and low profile tools would be on the inside of the doors. Other lightweight items would be on swing panels. Alas, there is no blueprint, only the many examples of other folks along with their "if I was to do it again" lists. I really like Mike Pekovich's video on his current cabinet and the making of version 2:, very educational.
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