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Thread: Cleaning the Pot...

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    Cleaning the Pot...

    Am I the only one who's done this??????

    LOML was making apple sauce a few days ago with the kids and they managed to seriously burn the bottom of one batch.
    We soaked it.
    We scrubbed it.
    We pulled out the SOS pads (soap impregnated steel wool, for anyone who's never seen those)
    We soaked it more.
    We soaked it in vinegar + baking soda, and heated that up to loosen things.

    I was at the point of not caring any more, and so I pulled out my ROS with a slightly worn piece of 150 grit...
    This sure was messy, since I had to take off the dust bag to fit the sander in the soup pot, but about 45 seconds later the bottom was buffed totally clean. (It was a good quality stainless steel pot, by the way, not enamel or cast iron or teflon or anything, just plain stainless steel.)
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    I did use my sander on the bottom of my cast iron pans before I used them on our glass cook top to get them nice and smooth.

    What I use for burnt on sugary stuff (Homebrewing beer) is something called PBW (Powdered Brewery wash). There are a number of 'recipes' for home made versions of this out on the web using Oxy type cleaners and TSP substitutes.
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    Dilute muriatic acid in SS pots will take care of it. Just use the usual precautions with acid. Don't use on anything other than stainless.

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    Ha, I had a time that my wife left a pan of oil on high heat for about 10 minutes longer than she should have. She covered it and move it onto a plastic cutting board that was next to the stove as all the other burners were still on cooking other things. She was afraid it would catch on fire if it stayed there any longer After it cooled she realized that it had melted in and stuck to the board (and I really liked that board too). Since we just bought the pans and paid something like $350 for the set, I wasn't about to let it go in the trash. I ended up cutting and carving most of the plastic off, then switched to a flap disk on the grinder to take the rest off.

    Burnt on foods I'll usually try just boiling a little water in the pan and scraping it as it boils, doesn't always work, but most of the time it will. Will have to try some of the suggested methods next time I find it doesn't.

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