Well, several weeks ago I promised a review after I had a chance to use this saw. So here it goes:
It is fairly light weight which makes it easy to tote around. All the controls seem to be in a very intuitive position. The blade depth release is hard to get moving at first because the end of it is up against the motor housing in the locked position. I need to see if it is adjustable so it is easier to unlock. The base slides nicely on OSB. It cuts very nicely and the stock blade makes for a smooth cut- not glue line quality, but not bad for a circular saw. I have done a little free hand cutting on a marked line on OSB, and after a couple cuts, it was very easy to follow the line and get a nice straight cut. Most of the OSB cuts I did were with a strait edge guide (1X4). It is easy to see the blade when cutting. I used it both left and right handed and had no problem either way. When peering in from the left side using right handed, it did spit some wood ships up in my face if I got very close. It could use a dust port that a vacuum hose could be adapted to, but the port does spit most of the cuttings to the right side and behind the blade's cut so that it is not covering up your cut line.
All in all, I think it's a keeper. I put my old Freud blade on it when I cut the slot for the ridge venting on the shop roof. Worked great. Doesn't lack for power so far, but I've not tried it on a 4X4 yet, or any wet lumber. The only slight disappointments are the brake mechanism takes between 3 and 3.5 seconds to stop the blade. Better than no brake, b ut certainly not fast. And while the hard shell case is nice, there is no place to store the wrench that keeps it from flopping around inside. A molded in spot in the plastic for it to lock into would have been a nice touch. Jim.