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Thread: Pistol Grip Handsaw.

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    Pistol Grip Handsaw.

    I dont know about this whole idea so i thought i would share the log and see what other have to say about it.

    My issues with it are several but arise only from a view of it no practicle experience.
    How can the blade be held steady. on the width of a narrow bar riveted to the blade.
    How long will the pistol handle last before breaking given grain orientation.
    Whats a saw like this primary used for.

    Anyone have experience of one of these. Looks fascinating.

    The guy has a store where he sells the tang for this saw made by a blacksmith.

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    I have one of these...(I realize its a much different blade style and shape, but the handle angle is somewhat similar.)

    I've not used it for much more that rough crosscuts in 2x4s, but even for that, I've not been impressed with the feel if that kind of grip.

    Take my opinion with a big ol' grain of salt, though. I know as much about handsaws as Larry Merlau knows about turning.
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    It's like any tool. Pick it up, put it in your hand, if it feels right and does the job you need done, go for it. Otherwise, move on.
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