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Thread: SWEET! Emergency generator upgrade.

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    SWEET! Emergency generator upgrade.

    When we moved in here in '99, I bought a 5KW generator and installed a six circuit transfer switch. It has worked flawlessly and saved us a lot of grief. But due to my health situation, it's getting difficult for me to move the generator out of the garage, drag it to the opposite end of the house, then get down the slope to plug it in. It's also getting difficult for me to start.

    I've been planning for a couple years to move the generator out to my lower level patio and build a shelter for it. (I have a walk out basement) That would solve the moving it around and plugging it in issue, but it's still hard for me to start. My dad just bought a new 8KW electric start Generac and a ten circuit transfer switch. He has a 5KW generator that has hardly been used, but he wanted a larger one with a bigger transfer capability. He said that I could have his old generator to sell and use the money toward upgrading my system. There is nothing wrong with what I have now and it works perfectly, so I shouldn't have any trouble selling it. By the time I take the money from the two old units, it will cover more than half the cost of the upgrade.

    I ordered a new ten circuit transfer switch and it's due in today. I ordered a new Generac 7.5KW electric start generator on Thursday October 31. They estimated delivery on Monday November 11th. I just got a call and they're delivering the generator TOMORROW, November 5th.

    I'm not going to bother building a shelter and keeping the generator on the patio. I just realized that the service entrance to my garage goes out to my covered front porch. I'm just going to leave the generator in the garage. I'm going to mount the inlet box on the front of the house next to the porch. When the power goes out, it will be easy to put the generator on the porch and plug it in. It won't matter what the weather is like because the porch is covered and never gets wet.

    I really shouldn't be spending the money right now, but my health problems are only going to get worse. The electric start seemed like a luxury for a while, but now it's becoming a necessity. Time to get busy wiring up the inlet box. This is going to be SO NICE!
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