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Thread: Question on gluing Ipe.

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    Question on gluing Ipe.

    Will Titebond III work to glue Ipe. I need to glue some pieces together and was wondering if it will work or if there was any special prep needed!

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    Alan I haven't worked with it personally, but I hear that it is oily, so I would wipe the joints with Acetone prior to gluing.Then the Titebond lll should do just fine.
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    I would try gluing a couple of scrap pieces, and see what happens.

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    I used titebond 3 when I made the outdoor ipe furniture, and the Adirondack chairs.
    I wiped the joints clean. the furniture has been outdoors for 4 or 5 years I believe, still holding fine.

    I think you should email Charlie plesums, as I know he has done some work in Ipe, and I also think its posted on his site what he used.

    whatever, make sure you wear a respirator, the dust from that stuff is brutal, really brutal. And youre shop will be yellow/green dusty.
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