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Thread: Carving a Snake Spine out of an Ax Handle

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    Carving a Snake Spine out of an Ax Handle

    Stumbled upong this...thought it was pretty cool:
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    Cool, and yet, Creepy! That's Art!
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    Very cool. Beats the usual snake winding around a handle motif.

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    Man that cool but did ya check out the carvings done out of a pencil and the drift wood horse ain't to shabby either well at least the rider.
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    What driftwood horse? I didn't see a horse, just a girl on the beach.
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    It's all cool stuff!
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    One axe that wont be chopping wood anymore. it would bite you in more ways than one if you tried

    The driftwood horse is amazing.

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    All very cool stuff! The carving of the girl is so good I can't tell she isn't real.


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    I hate snakes & that one is scary good.
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