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Thread: Have You Seen This Router Fence?

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    Have You Seen This Router Fence?

    Saw this on another forum today.

    There is a video of how it works. Pretty slick, I can see the future, these for table saws, band saws and drill presses.
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    I call that George Jetson woodworking. No fun to it, just toss in a board and press a button . . yawn . . ;-)
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    Yikes! Another accessory that costs more than the tool it accessorizes. When money is greater supply than good sense. All that said, cool idea. Practicality? Meh.

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    Let's see. That thingamajig costs three times what my Incra fence system cost and has the same accuracy. Like Carol said, that's one of those things for someone with more dollars than sense! Color me not interested!!!
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    I'd probably never buy one but it's pretty cool
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