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Thread: Small Shop Upgrades

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    Small Shop Upgrades

    Been working on cleaning and rearranging my shop. Started on it Saturday. I had a long kitchen cabinet along one wall, that was nice but took up a lot of space and, of course, I kept piling things on it instead of putting them away. So I cut it down by half. This is what I cut off:

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    With that gone, I could move my planer and router in that space:

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    Next I redid the shelf in my router cabinet so I could improve the storage of bits and stuff. Made the little holder for the router plate inserts.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Next I'm thinking of redoing these tools.

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    I could use the carcass of the removed part of the kitchen counter to make a stand with underneath storage, for my scroll saw. Make a stand to put my belt and disk sander to be mounted on and do something with my grinder. That would free up the table they are currently mounted on. Lower the height of that table to the height of my table saw. Use it as a work/assemble bench (instead of a workmate with a board clamped on it). When I needed and outfeed table for my table saw, I could use it. Just roll it behind the saw and put the brakes on.
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    Excellent progress. That really spiffs things up. Very cool.
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    Looks great Paul!

    I need to do some of this...
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    "Small shop Upgrades"??? with all that room showing in the first photo, I'd be leaning towards just enlarging the shop itself
    More room is always a good thing...nice upgrades
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