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Thread: Project Two Complete, Well Almost

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    Project Two Complete, Well Almost

    This is my scroll saw stand. Part two of my workshop redo. All made from scrap lumber as you can tell. I have two things left to do on it but they won't happen right away. I need casters and a sanding/paint job. I slanted the top as talked about in another thread and it felt so much more comfortable that way that I just fixed it that way. I don't think I need an "Adjustable" top. I was going to make one of those arm that holds the "head" (I don't know what you call it) up when you change blades, but they are only $20 and with the time it would take me to scrounge up the parts and put it together, it would not be worth making one. I'll put one on my Christmas list. Worked pretty good telling my son what to get me, maybe someone else in my family is a sucker also...

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    Next project is a stand for my disk sander and my little belt sander. I think I have enough used plywood and 2" X 4"'s to make something up. If not I will have to tear apart another cabinet!
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    I believe the expression is, "Rob Peter to pay Paul."


    ps I am still using the pen you used to show me some things about pen making a few years ago.
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    Looking good Paul!

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    That looks great Paul. I am a big fan of reusing stock or fixtures when you can. I like that you have left an overhang around the top. That will make clamping on a light/magnifier easy if you should come across that sort of fixture. I have the same saw and came to the same conclusion about the Easy Lift; for $20 it was smarter to buy one that someone had already figured out and one that has proven itself over the years than to make my own. One of my first scroll projects was to make a cutout in a small scrap that matched the blade capture knobs. When you are doing fretwork and have to un-do and re-do those knobs a hundred times, it saves the wear and tear on your fingers.
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