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Thread: The Adventure Continues

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    The Adventure Continues

    In my shop redo, using the recycled wood thingy, I have some nice pine boards that were used as shelving. They have been painted. I'm wondering how bad it would be for my planer to run them through it with the paint on it. I'm afraid it will really mess up my planer, and dull the blades. Would it be best to run them through the table saw first to remove the paint before I plane them to the thickness I want?
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    Well.. two thoughts come to mind... which do you want to 'spend' resources on... rehabbing the painted boards or buying 'clean' lumber? Personally I'd sand down the majority of the paint, then plane them down afterwards. OR just swap out for an old set of blades and use them to take the majority of the paint off and then swap out for the good blades and do a finish pass. A good friend of mine once tried to convince his mother about some recycling thing she was doing. In her case the return on her time was not worth the result. I wonder if the same is true here. Recycling is a good thing, but for your intended purpose is it really the best way? Trust me I'm not naysaying using the boards, just offering up the devils advocate side of things.
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    I use my drum sander to knock off previous finish, then plane as needed. If you don't have one, maybe there's a family member close by who will help.
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