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Thread: Friday again so soon!

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    Friday again so soon!

    How quickly time seems to pass these days. Seems like only last week we had a Friday! Hopefully this will cause winter to fly by.
    It looks like another attack on the leaves that have a habit of visiting, but not "leaving". They like to blow over from my neighbor's trees & prefer to rest on my front & rear lawns. Mostly oaks & maples. This year there are/were a lot of pine needles.
    Have to sharpen the blade on my chain saw.
    Will be stringing the Christmas lights on the shrubs before it gets too cold.
    I think that's enough.
    Will rest up the rest of the weekend.
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    Friday: Heading to the shop in a minute to work on a few things. The final step on our guest room nightstand will be to stain and finish the drawer fronts, which I'll start today. I also need to do some final sanding on two cremation urns so I can hit them with sealer and dye.

    Saturday: A bit more on those two project and probably some shrub trimming around the yard, since it's nice and cool now!

    Sunday: The usual - let the old bod rest as much as possible - fix brunch - settle in for the Phoenix race.
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    I have a visitation tomorrow for an aunt that passed away a couple of weeks back. She donated her body to science, so her family is having a pot-luck get together to celebrate her life. Looking at my list, I need to do a little yard work Sunday trimming shrubs, but need to check the chart to see which ones can be trimmed this time of year without affecting blooms later. I also may start tearing into the sunroom walls to see what I need to do for routing wiring for it's remodel.

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    With something like 35 oak, maple, plane, hickory, and elm trees in the yard, I'm spending a lot of time raking, blowing and vacuuming leaves this time of the year.

    Better than plowing/shoveling snow, though!
    Jim D.
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    Adding a layer of R30 in the attic. Started yesterday and am already sore from crawling around on hands and knees while trying not to fall through the ceiling

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    Saturday, laying the floor with my son(he does all the work, I just cut and supervise)
    then we will be haning the flatscreen, and running the wires through the wall, again, he does the work, Ill be his assistant and hold things.(if time permits, Ill see if hell help me set up the new router lift with me, seems easy enough, but its nice to have a hand)
    sunday, football.
    No woodworking planned this weekend.
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    making a book stand from birch for one of the security guys at work.
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    Need to do some neatening up around the apartment...starting to look like a college dorm in there. My kitchen table is buried in tools and guitar parts, and I need to clear it off enough to re-assemble a black/purple sparkly one. Also need to cover and button up the swamp cooler...I think it's done until next spring.

    No gigs for me this weekend, but I've got several friends playing at various venues around town, so I'll probably be doing some honky-tonkin' this weekend, too.
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    I have no idea yet. Maybe get out this evening for a hunt. I want to visit my Mom and Dad with my wife tomorrow and then church on Sunday and painting in the studio or a bike ride.

    Vaughn, I bet if I tell the wife I'm heading west for a bike ride she would so , Have Fun. Whats the weather out their like ?

    I would so do this if not for my work load. But knowing how the weather is I sure can dream about it. LOL
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