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    Display Box

    I have a potential customer who has a gun shop. He is willing to stock my pens if I could give him someway to display my pens inside his glass display counter.

    I needed to come up with something fast, simple and cheap so I put this together using maple and cherry from the scrap bin.

    Nothing fancy or super well done but it should get me a much needed new customer.

    I don't know if I 'm selling the pens too inexpensively I get $25.00 for the 50cal and bullet pens and $50.00 for the shotgun pens. I tell them to double my prices.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks write nice Bob sorry no help on pricing but they sure look great!
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    Great looking display. I think most would say you are selling too cheap, but a lot of it depends on location. I would have a hard time getting much more where I live and I live where there is low unemployment and good wages.
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    Nice display box, Bob. I was wondering what the wider slot on the left is intended for. Business cards, perhaps?

    On the pricing, as Paul said the location and your local market plays a big part. Sales stats will ultimately tell you if they are too low or too high, but I have a sneaking suspicion you may be a bit steep on the shotgun shell pens. They may be twice has expensive or twice has hard for you to make (or both), but will the public perceive it the same way? When they see a tray of $50 pens, they're going to be automatically trying to figure out what makes the $100 pens twice as good.
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    The wider slot was intentioned to hold the pen bags or pen sleeves that I supply with every pen.

    As far as the pricing goes I figure that the 50 cal and bullet pens cost me about $10.00 to make but the shotgun pen costs between $23 and $25.00 to make. They are a pretty impressive pen if you have ever seen one.
    I figure if I at least double my costs plus a few bucks for gas and business cards the price I charge seems reasonable to the customer and he can see that he can make a few bucks off them.

    In my sales career I've always made package deals whenever when I could. I like selling to gun shops because I tell them that they can not just sell my pens but use them to close a deal on an expensive firearm. If their customer is on the fence whether they are going to buy the expensive firearm or not the owner can tell them if they buy today he'll throw in the pen for free. Quite often it works and all the shop is in for is the $25.00 for the pen.
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