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    Haven't see anything of Jonathan on here lately. Anyone heard how he is doing?
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    he is doing ok, had his wood splitting party today was gonna feed his kids for the work he has got to go back to the doctor this week one day to see if the blood flow is good enough or not.. if not then will learn of his options..
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    Thanks for asking Paul. Been conversing with the Ambassador through PM's. Had a great telephone chat with John Pollman today also. We kind of got cut short as the grandkids when they come in our house kind of take over like flood waters! Yep, both daughters and son in laws came for a few hours, split a big pile of wood, loaded three trailers with split wood and pulled them up by the stove for Lou. We got the feeders moved and they unloaded the last 1000 pounds of feed for this batch of calves. Man those four can complete a list of tasks quickly, efficiently and best of all, laughing and joking with each other. The boys went out afterwards and set some trail cameras and sighted in a couple of guns.

    Me, still no pulse at the wrist. Giving myself blood thinner shots two times a day in the belly to see if the blood will get thin enough to travel through the artery. Right now it is only getting colateral (?) blood flow. So, two weeks of shots, on the third week go back for tests on blood flow and if not what the surgeon wants, going back into the operating room so they can take a loooooooooooooooooooong vein from my leg and do a bypass from my elbow to the center of my hand. The stuff must be working, the first four shots no problem, this morning's shot, pulled the needle and the hole bled like a faucet. Can't imagine what it will be like at the end of the 24 remaining shots. Told Lou we would need to buy some little round bandaids! Did get a styptic pen but heard they burn. So, that is me for now.

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    Jonathan, good to here from you. I hope it goes well when you go back to the doctor. You are a lucky man to have some son-in-laws the understand work and are willing hands. Let them do it, don't be jumping in to help. Pretend you are a supervisor for a while.

    Take good care of yourself. Keep us woodworking friends informed on your progress.
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    Sure is good to hear from you, Jonathan! Hoping for everything to continue to improve. It's great to have family around to help like that when you need it! You are a lucky man!
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    im certain youll be fine soon jon.
    take the time and do as your doctor says.
    Im looking forward to seeing you guys maybe next year.whereever, don't matter, but we can hang out a bit.
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    Glad to see Paul ask - been wondering the same myself - and glad to see Jon respond.

    Jon, I'll echo the others who've said to continue taking it easy for now. Sounds like you've got a good family support system, but that's not surprising. They all know you'd be the first in line to help them if the tables were turned.
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