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Thread: Guitar/Instrument Storage

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    Guitar/Instrument Storage

    I don't really have any guitars that are of great value, but I hadn't thought about having humidity controlled cases for them...

    They also had some good info on humidity conditions on the site.

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    Very nice. I've never done anything to control the humidity to which my guitars are exposed, but it's a good idea.
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    Wish I had the guitars that would deserve that!
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    Glad i live where it's not as huge a problem! Though, our winters get pretty moist...

    When i finish the back room, I'm really gonna need some kind of way to display the ones i have and will be building soon.
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    One would think humidity control would be paramount with these cigar box guitars but alas, never given any thought about it here. Besides, cracks and warp-age add character and can't affect my sad attempts at playing
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    Looks like I take better care of my cigars than I do my paltry guitar collection
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