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Thread: Miter saw help

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    Miter saw help

    Hi everyone

    I am trying to build a small base for a fountain we have. I want the sides to angle up so the angle between the floor and the side is 65 degrees. I want the base to "flare" off the vertical so the sides are 85 degrees and I want to mitre the corners.

    So how do I set my SCMS? I assume I rip the pieces with a 15 degree angle on my table saw so the top and bottom edges are parallel and then do the mitre cuts.

    I did well in geometry in HS but that was a LONG time ago and I am not doing well cutting test pieces.

    Thanks for the assistance.


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    jay, leave your saw straight up and tip the workpiece to the appropriate angle then miter as normal......much easier....tod
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    That was quick! Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure I completely understand.

    Do I rip the pieces to get the angle, then put them in the miter saw with the angles tight to the back and bottom and then cut the 45 degree miters?


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    Back from a test cut, yes it worked fine -- simpler is better.


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    sorry jay, able to buzz by the computer now and again........yeah simple works best for me
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    I made a false fence (L shaped long piece screwed to the saws fence and base) This provides the wall/ceiling of crown molding. (same principle as you discribe) I also added an adjustible cleat on either side to preset and limit the angle of the piece of molding or in your case the flaired out piece, will sit in the jig. Adjust the saw to limit the drop to the surface of the jig (lest you saw the jig in half) As was said, keep the saw at 90 verticle degrees and the set the miter cut angle. Lay in the piece between the cleat and the back fence (this is the flair angle) and cut the miters. They should match perfectly.

    I have cut them by setting the tilt and miter but it took a toll on my mental abilities and wasted a bunch of material till I got it right. If you are not doing this on a regular basis, it is often confusing. (at least for my small brain) that is why I made the jig.

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