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Thread: Shop Wiring Costs

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    Shop Wiring Costs

    I have begun construction of my new shop. It will be a stand alone 2400 sq ft shop with 3 phase power, lots of recepticles, lots of lights, surface mounted conduit, etc. This will be a big electrical job (plan calls for two 225 amp control panels - one for 3 phase and one for single phase) so I am getting bids from local contractors but I don't have a feel for what to expect. I have heard $3.50 / sq ft for normal house wiring but this is quite a bit more than that. Any thoughts?

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    You should be able to run single phase out of a three phase panel, seen it done that way. As I recall though, industrial hook ups cost a fortune. Do you actually need 450A?

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    tommy, is this going to be a commercial set-up? what type of zoning regulations are you faced with? is the shop for employees or just you? is the 3-phase going to be off the pole or via a convertor? and last off what part of country are you located in? these will help get you a closer answer to your question....tod
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    Thanks Todd and John. 450 is quite likely overkill but it gives me plenty of flexibility in the future. This is a shop for my own enjoyment (not commercial) but it is located in a C5 or commercial area so has to conform to commercial specs. Most time, I will be working alone. Three phase is available so I won't be using a converter. I am located in NE Oklahoma. Mainly I am interested in a ballpark idea of the likely cost. I'm guessing in the $15 to $20,000 ballpark but that is strickly a guess. I have an electrical / lighting plan that an electricial engineer put together that I have out for bids.

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