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Thread: Probably of No Interest to Anyone But Me

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    Probably of No Interest to Anyone But Me

    I got up in a nostalgic mood today, I guess and was looking over some of the stuff I have from the past. My Dad was a jack of all trades, but a carpenter by profession when I was born. He use to do remodeling and building on the side for people in addition to his full time job. Often he would let me go with him to help out as best I could (normally just fetching tools as he needed them). Anyway, when he died, (way to young) Mom told us boys to pick tools we wanted to have. These are a couple I took and use routinely today. He built them before I was born, so they are over 70 years old. I have three of his sawhorses. I have used a pattern off them to make other also, but his old ones are my go to ones. They still work fine and are holding together . This is one of them:

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    This is one of the tool boxes he made to lug tool to the worksite. I did re-finish it once. It was pretty rough because he would weld near it and it has a lot of burns from welding spatter. Many of the hand tools in it were his.

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    Loaded with tools it was a heavy thing to lug around.
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    Pretty neat! I'm sure you think of Dad every time you use the tools, too.

    BTW, I can see why you have the box on a wheeled cart - that thing's gotta weigh a couple hundred pounds when it's full!
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    Great stuff Paul! I have both my grandpa's tool box that they made and they mean the world to me.
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    Isn't nostalgia wonderful!

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    Very cool. Nice to have that kind of history around.
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    Good stuff! Always like to see home/shop made tool boxes. Always interesting to see how others organize their things. I need to build a few of those sawhorses. I've got a set of metal ones around, but that's about it. Dad always had a bunch of wider benches around the shop, which were lower and good for finishing cabinets on. He'd build new horses at each job site rather than lugging a set around.

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    Paul, did you remove the horizontal shelf on the sawhorse that runs usually end to end for support?
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    Great stuff, Paul! I have a few items that my father used. It's nice to have those memories. I keep thinking how great it would be for him to still be around and enjoy my shop with me. The only shop he ever had was half of a two-car garage, but he made the most of it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Launier View Post
    Paul, did you remove the horizontal shelf on the sawhorse that runs usually end to end for support?

    Nope, never was one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Launier View Post
    Paul, did you remove the horizontal shelf on the sawhorse that runs usually end to end for support?
    I'm saying the same thing Paul did my Dad's saw horses & my saw horses don't have a shelf for 2 reasons their shin busters & they don't allow the horses to stack nicely for transport. With out the shelf you can stack the horses one on top of the other put them on your shoulder & pack them clear across a large building site & put them in the truck. Most carpenters pack their tools in a leather apron the only thing needing to be set down is the skilsaw & it can set on the ground/floor, or on a scrap of wood.

    The pair of saw horses I built the tops were made of wide enough material that I can use them as short scaffolding the tops were made of either 2x10 or 2x12.

    Not knowing or remembering the proper measurements, I found a kit that had all the measurements & the proper angle for the edges of the top so I made notes & re-sized the horses to the way I wanted them, that was in 1992 or 1993 & they are still going strong.
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