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Thread: Is this Possible?? Browser Question

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    Is this Possible?? Browser Question

    I have been using Google Chrome as my browser on my newest computer. I have watch everything get slower and slower and slower,

    This evening I remembered I use to like FireFox on one of my past computers, but it started having problems so I got rid of it. This was a couple years ago. So I decided to download it and try it again. I have only used it this evening, and I guess time will tell, but wow, every thing is faster. This evening I could watch videos without all the "buffering" pauses. I know it is my imagination, but it seems that videos are clearer to look at also. I'm really surprised to notice such a difference! I can even type faster...

    What would make it better?

    I really didn't like using Google because I know they were sending everything I did directly to Eric Holder.... I know he was watching me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    I really didn't like using Google because I know they were sending everything I did directly to Eric Holder.... I know he was watching me...

    Actually just restarting your browser probably helped as much as anything. The other thing that can happen is if you install extensions for the browser some of them cause it to chew up CPU and start to get slooooow. Its also possible (although somewhat less probable with Chrome, could definitely happen) that there is some malware that was infecting your browser and slowing it down (among other things..).

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    I have been happily using FireFox as my browser on all 5 computers (XP through Win 7 but not Win 8), and have been very satisfied.

    A few months ago I started getting spam at the rate of 100 spam per day, rather than 5 or so spam. My home made rules didn't filter out the 100 spam, so I tried Thunderbird (FireFox's brother for email). It has rules that learn what is spam to you... now it rarely makes an error. I check the spam folder looking for errors (one click to correct it's errors), and with one click can banish spam from my inbox if it gets through (and as it is banished it learns what I don't want). It imported my Windows address book and my Outlook mail files (with all my history), so transition was trivial. If you have any doubts about your mail program, try Thunderbird.

    If you computer mysteriously slows down, download Process Explorer (an unadvertised free Microsoft product) and it will tell you much more about what is wrong than the standard Windows Task Manager. As a geek I love it.
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    What Ryan said....

    It's quite likely that either you have installed some extensions, or perhaps your browser has picked up some malware.

    My pc has picked up so much crapware, that I'm planning on doing a complete reformat over thanksgiving. PC just pick up stuff over time.

    As far as the NSA and Google are concerned. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, unless you were under the impression that you had some degree of privacy on the internet?

    There is no such thing as privacy on the internet. As long as you remember that everything you do and say on the internet is most likely recorded for all time, you'll do fine.
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    I use at least 5 browsers (and 4 operating systems) at work as different ones mess up my different tools differently . The amount of kruft you allow your browsers to collect and retain can effect things, of course. The more streamlined the tool, the more nimble. The more the tool does to "help you" the more cycles required to "enrich your browsing experience".
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