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Thread: Friday once again

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    Friday once again

    For some reason this day seems to not come as often as I would like. Maybe get some hunting in this weekend. A Bike ride to Bass Pro for some new shirts and a bit of painting. I am hoping to get a couple painting framed. My printer has been dragging his back side. I like visiting his shop and seeing all the technology he has.
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    I will be entertaining our own Carol Reed today. She is stopping by the shop and we're going to goof around with some jigs and such.
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    not sure why I declined months ago, my wife is going to broadway tonight with my friends and bil/sil to see billy crystal. I bowed out for some reason at the time.
    IM torn, my buddy invited me to Atlantic city with him and his brother and father, and Im thinking since Im free today, maybe Ill head over to the racino, kill some time there today. This retirement stuff is difficult.
    Guess Ill spend tonight watching season 3 of breaking bad(never saw the show, so I started watching it from the beginning)

    errands, errands, and purchasing a sofa for the wifes office Saturday, sunday, FOOTBALL.

    uh, almost forgot, most important today, Im going to the gun shop to see about them permanently modifying some of my magazines so I can still use my semi auto rifles in NYS. New laws, no more 30 rounds, and I cant find magazines, so Ill modify the ones I have.
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    Friday: Shop time this morning. Final top coat on a cremation urn. Sanding and fitting on my platform bed project. Finish packing for our cruise.

    Saturday: Get up about normal time and head to Jacksonville, FL for our cruise.

    Sunday: Wake up in Key West! Fun times!!! Get back on board the ship in time to watch Jimmy Johnson win #6.
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    I'm having staffing issues at work... so I'm working yet again this weekend. I 'might' get my insulation project started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    This retirement stuff is difficult.
    I should have such misfortune.
    “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - John Ruskin
    “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” - Oscar Wilde

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    Doing a holiday craft show with my dad tonight and tomorrow. It's our 4th year doing the show and it's always fun to hang out and talk about woodworking, and other stuff, with my dad.

    Out to dinner with the wife tomorrow night. Sunday is chili and football if it's raining, lots of yard work if not...PRAY FOR RAIN!!
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    Yup. It's Glenn Bradley day for me. Spending the weekend in north San Diego county with friends. Also attending my turning club meeting tomorrow. Expect to have some walnut burl in the car after the meeting. WooHoo!

    And sniffed out a possibility of my next assignment might be near Fresno and Jim Burr. It's just a sniff, but if you're inclined to wish for me....

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    My wife is an avid bell collector. We are both members of a bell collectors club that encompasses several states. So tomorrow a.m. we leave for Olathe, KS for a meeting on Sunday. Long way to go but the people are nice and we enjoy the get-together. However, it will be a somber meeting this time. One of the long time, and best loved, members just undwent unsuccessful cancer surgery. We know his days are very limited. BTW, he is also a great woodworker and that family will certainly miss him also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned Bulken View Post
    I'm having staffing issues at work... so I'm working yet again this weekend. I 'might' get my insulation project started.
    Staffing this economy??

    Made the first step toward a real shop. Surveyors came yesterday to do the field work for the required site plan for my new 28' x 40' detached garage. Hope it is not too painful.

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