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Thread: Because she asked...

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    Because she asked...

    Sis said no split pea . So this is a Tuscan style, really simple and 30 minutes get to go. Side note...if you do a lot of soups and sauces, you owe it to yourself to grab an immersion blender, or like Emeril says, a boat motor. JMHO...but they are indispensable and Stacey uses it for canning jams and sauces. If wifey is happy...well anyway...
    Jim B...the other Jim B will like this because it has onion!!

    2tbs butter...EVOO if you like, but the butter keeps it from breaking
    1tbs EVOO
    2 medium shallots chopped
    Cannelloni beans, 1 30oz or 2 15oz, drain...rinse if you like
    32oz chicken stock or broth, again Swanson's Cooking Stock won some cool reviews.
    4 cloves garlic quartered
    bit of sage, couple leaves fresh or 1 tsp dried
    1/2 cream, heavy or half and half
    pepper to taste...we like 1 tsp
    salt after its done
    Meat...of course. We like pancetta cut about 1/4" wide and 2-3" long, fried up fast and stirred into the soup after blending. Little more crumbled on top.

    OK...add EVOO and butter in a big soup pot. Sauté shallots until soft, add sage and beans, combine.
    Add stock and garlic, simmer for about 10 minutes.

    Now the fun part. If you have a boat motor, blend the soup until smooth, but don't add the pancetta. If no boat motor, add a cup at a time to a blender...careful!!
    Return to soup pot and add pancetta, very low heat and have a bowl!! Great with a crusty baguette...toasted if you like!!
    This doesn't have a lot of color, so some bias sliced green onion, torn parsley, what have you, will add a little bang to the view!

    There ya go sis...Enjoy!!
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    OK. I have a Bamix, or boat motor, but what the heck is EVOO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    ...what the heck is EVOO?
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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    Sounds good. I'm guessing this serves 8?

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