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Thread: This faux "vintage" stuff drives me nuts

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    This faux "vintage" stuff drives me nuts


    Look at this:

    $50 for a 6" x 4" x 2 3/4" block with 4 holes drilled in it???
    $120 for one that's 24" x 4 1/2" x 2 3/4"???

    I'm in the wrong business. It claims to be "reclaimed" wood taken from 1880's houses in Philadelphia. Looks like plain old fir to me. I'm not seeing any of the tight grain patterns I'd expect with true old growth wood. I guess people will pay anything for an object that's "reclaimed" or "vintage" or whatever. Same goes for those idiotic "factory cart" coffee tables that go for hundreds of dollars now....

    I'm not old enough to feel grumpy about this kind of stuff, yet here I am....

    [/rant off]

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    Well, make a few, say they are reclaimed wood from 200 year old trees, and charge half the price. Then put up a sign that says, $25, compare at $50.

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    I've got a whole pile of reclaimed wood in the driveway
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    Would anyone know where to get the plans for these??

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    I agree. Silly. But he is the one that will have the laugh if they are sellers.
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    "Vintage" is way over played IMHO. Seem like 90% of the stuff I look at on ebay anymore has the word "vintage" added to the description. Maybe "vintage junk" would fit most of it.
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    Gen-u-wine anti-q pressed board, cardboard, and plastic!

    I used to occasionally wander through antique shops when they were a cool place to get out of the sun when I was walking around a town. Bought a few good working tools like that at fair prices. Admired many things though, such as very modern horseshoes that were well used at three or four times the price I could buy them brand new! Another thing I can't get my head around is antique cardboard and plastic. Nothing can just get old anymore it seems. If it is old it is antique. If not quite antique yet it is vintage or classic.

    Met a man that builds swings and benches and such. He builds nice ones. Most of them are built out of sunken cypress, the cypress fallen in bygone storms that may have been underwater for many decades, even centuries. The swings don't sit a bit better or last particularly longer in normal use but they have a cachet that lets him charge big dollars for them. A friend bought a four feet wide swing from him. Not positive but I think the cost was over $200.

    Guess I'll have to start claiming all my stuff is reclaimed from trees from the fifties and earlier. Nobody ever came up short underestimating the gullibility of the general public!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    Well, make a few, say they are reclaimed wood from 200 year old trees, and charge half the price. Then put up a sign that says, $25, compare at $50.
    No no no! That's backwards. Charge $75, call it "premium vintage" and say "no old buildings were damaged to make this piece" and they'll flock to you. Charging less invalidates your artistic credentials in a comparative market (oh he's charging less, its probably rebranded made in china junk - you don't want that label). Actually what you really want to do is have a $50 one that's "regular" a $75 one that's premium and a $125 one that's "super premium" (change the finish or something, BLO, Tung and "hand rubbed" whatever doesn't really matter) and sales of the $75 one will skyrocket because it looks like a bargain compared to the $125 one and is clearly better than the $50 one (and you'll make some $50 sales to the "cheap" people and some $125 sales to the "premium" people as a bonus).

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    Was in a shop a while back that had a sign: "Antiques made while you wait."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Pozzi View Post
    Would anyone know where to get the plans for these??
    No plans, but I have kits for sale.
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