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Thread: Another Finished Project

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    Another Finished Project

    I finished up the stand for my disk/belt sander today. I think I am going to like it and it didn't run away from me when I started the disk sander up. Next I am going to tear apart the stand I have my planer on and make it about 1/2 the size it is. That will really buy me some room. I have to slow down now, my wife is no longer happy about me spending all day playing in the shop and not working on the basement. She is not buying the "I have to do this so I will have room to work on the basement" anymore. It was nice while it lasted... Yes dear....

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    that turned out well paul,, that is one thing i wish i had, was a larger disc sander..
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    Cool. I've been looking at all my open frame tools stands and wondering abut all that unused storage space below the tool.
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