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Thread: I'm gonna have to sue Rockler!

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    I'm gonna have to sue Rockler!

    Oh man, this is too funny. Rockler must be lurking this forum...

    First, I rant about faux vintage:

    Now, Rockler starts selling reclaimed wood. And, not only is it reclaimed, it's from truckers that drove Route 66! Ooooh, extra Americana on this one. It's upcycled and so 'real' that they recommend you run a metal detector over your brand-new-old $7.50/bdft (after shipping) wood....

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    You would probably be surprised at how much of this stuff they will sell! With the right marketing ,people will buy anything.

    Just went back and checked their site and guess what? they say it's sold out!
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    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Hans View Post
    With the right marketing, people will buy anything.
    You are 100% correct!

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    Heh...Route 66? I've got some Route 65 truck decking that I'll sell you for half that price.
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    Its not just wood. The suits at work will get all fired up to spend money on "cloud computing" or "software defined networking" or whatever the latest buzz-word is for an already existing technology that hits the cover of whatever trade-rag they read. People still actually pay $100's of dollars for Oakley sunglasses, the possibilities are endless.
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