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Thread: Back to the Putter Palace generator

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    Back to the Putter Palace generator

    Well, I wonder how this could have been avoided. Turns out the automatic voltage regulator is toast. So this means I have seriously overpaid for this puppy. Live and learn. The darn thing ran and turned on lights. But a 220V 30 amp load killed it. I am supposed to get it back in a couple more weeks. Shop said it would do what I wanted it to do when I get it back. We will see, or I will be in someone's face big time.

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    If I knew you better I would tell you to, "throw the book at 'em preach", but I don't so I won't. Hope it works when it comes back. My parents retirement home has been a constant frustration with little things that shouldn't have happened but did. God's way of saying, "don't sweat the small stuff?"

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    Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose I'm not sure how to test an AVR, although it looks possible...

    Hopefully the new board works well!

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